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We paint your pets and then you paint memories with our art! It is your reviews, feedback and pawsitive words that inspire us to do better every day. Read on to know what all our pet parents are saying about us.

Shruti Singh

Amazing Painting!

Thankyou Pawstro for making such an amazing painting ♥️ Can’t take my eyes off this picture 😍 Snow loved it 🥰 Looking forward for a lot more portraits 🤩 Special thanks for being cooperative through the whole process ♥️

Shruti Singh Gurgaon
Punarvas Jayakumar

Thank you Pawstro!

Lost our cat Marbles to renal failure. My wife was extremely close to Marbles. Wanted an artwork with my wife and Marbles in one frame.

The artist understood the requirements and gave a stunning portrait, which adorns our living room. A true testament of our love for our pet.

Thank you so much Pawstro.

Punarvas Jayakumar Bangalore
Kunal Pagare

Barfi's Best Birthday Ever!

Pawstro is awesome in what they do, I was very specific when I was searching to get a portrait done for my furry child, went through various websites and had a word with couple of vendors as I also wanted a digital image of the portrait so that I can get it printed on the Tshirt as well.. then after more research got to know about PAWSTRO and believe me or not the portrait they create is far better than what I wanted or even imagined. Always available on call, always ready for any changes, very smooth process and the frame I received is amazing.

If you are looking for something like this for your furry child go ahead blindly with Pawstro.
Thank you Pawstro for making Barfi’s birthday so special.

Kunal Pagare Madhya Pradesh
Deepika Sharma

We love it!

I literally have no words. It's so so so so so so so beautiful. Hats off to you!

Deepika Sharma Haryana

Such a happy portrait

Thanks a lot team for all your effort in making this painting a beautiful one.. keep up the good work

Shruti Bangalore

It looks so realistic

Thank you so much @pawstro_official for this beautiful painting, I will cherish it for a lifetime ❤️

Jeeveshu Delhi
Shruti Bedapaudi

I have no words

OMG!! I love it. Thank you so much.

Shruti Bedapaudi Hyderabad
Shweta Mishra

I’m in love

We cannot thank you enough for this one. This is so beautifully done that we feel teddy is still around with his sparkling eyes. Some feelings are beyond pure/impure love/hatred/expectation/no expectations and everything else in life… This is certainly one of those. All pawlovers will concur that you guys are doing a wonderful job to preserve this felling with beautiful memories.

Shweta Mishra Bangalore
Pranay Pachauri

I’m speechless

Thank you for making my day. God bless. She’s unfortunately no more so this serves as a good memory for me. Thank you. Means a lot.

Pranay Pachauri Mumbai

Wow! Looks amazing

This is SO AMAZING. It’s beautiful. Thankyou so much!

Vedika Mumbai
Pramey Chavan

We loved the painting

The painting looks so real!!
Looks like Tyson is actually looking at me! Couldn't have asked for more!

Pramey Chavan Mumbai

We were mesmerized

Hi I’m akshata and I received this very beautiful piece of painting from Pawstro. I really loved it. This has been done so well. Every single stroke has been done so beautifully. Everyone in my family was mesmerized by looking at the art work. I would really recommend this if you’re a dog lover or if you want to give this painting as a gift to someone who is a dog lover. This is the best gift someone can give. Pawstro really understood the emotional attachment that we have with our dog. She has been with us for 9 years. The painting has been done exactly the way my dog looks. Thank you Pawstro.

Akshata Chourey Bhopal

Cutest gift I ever received

Hi, I got this painting made by Pawstro. It’s a Digital Painting. It’s even better than I imagined. The whole piece in itself is incredible. It’s a quote which says that, Painting is another way of keeping a diary. This is the cutest gift I ever got. Thank you Nisha Panchal for the suggestion and thank you Pawstro for making this beautiful painting.

Antim Panchal Motera

Brought smiles on our face

Hi, I’m Shanti Sarvagyam. I would like to thank Pawstro for bringing back Leo alive. We lost him 2 years back. Whenever we used to take Leo’s name there used to be tears in our eyes but this painting brought smiles on our faces. Thank you. Lots and lots of love.

Shanti Sarvagyam Mumbai

Beautiful Portrait

Hey friends, I’m Dhvani Dholakia and I got my pet Heaven’s Digital Painting. I would like to thank Pawstro for this beautiful painting. If you also want a similar painting for your pet you can login to and order it from there. Thank you Pawstro.

Dhvani Dholakia Aurangabad

Indeed a memorable gift

I got this painting made from Pawstro. It’s a digital painting and I absolutely love it. It’s even better than what I was expecting. When I first saw it, I was so in love with this painting. The art is so great, the features are so perfect. The finishing of this entire painting is absolutely amazing. I recommend this to anybody and everybody who is looking for a memorable gift for yourself or to a friend or your family. Thank you so much Pawstro.

Shraddha Shah Bengaluru

Adorable Painting

Hey, my name is Bina Jani and meet my dog Bailey. I would like to thank Pawstro for giving me this beautiful and memorable painting. Thank you Pawstro.

Bina Jani Surat

Jag loves his portrait

Hey, I’m Chander Sarvagyam and this is Jag. Thank you Pawstro for the painting. You can see that Jag looks excited everytime he looks at his portrait.

Chander Sarvagyam Mumbai

A gift I’ll remember forever

Hello, my name is Ketan Panchal and this is my dog Tyler. We got this beautiful picture done by Pawstro and we really love it. If you guys want a memorable gift which you’ll remember forever you can contact Pawstro. Thank you Pawstro for making this memorable painting.


We really love this

Hello, my name is Harmish and this is my dog boxer. She got this beautiful painting done by Pawstro and we really love it. Thank you Pawstro.

harmish parmar Vadodara
Brett Winzer

Adorable Portrait!

I gifted Sniffy the Dog's portrait to my friend and both of us felt that this really is one of the best personalised gifts for dog lovers. You guys heard all our requirements with complete patience and literally sent across a masterpiece. Cheers!

Brett Winzer Geising, Munich
Steffi Butler

My Pet on my T-Shirt!

Being a pet parent, I wear my heart on my sleeve for my lil hamster! But now, thanks to Pawstro's digital portrait, I can literally wear and flaunt my love for him! Now I never miss my pooch cause he is always around. I love it! Kudos to your great work and punctuality.

Steffi Butler Geising, Munich
Genevieve Jacob

I Love this Mug!!!

It all started with my pug loving one of the mugs in my kitchen.I thought why not put him on it! I sent an image of 'Sugar' to them and voila! In 2 days, they sent me a perfect digital portrait to print on the mug. I am sure my Sugar loves the mug even more now.

Genevieve Jacob London, United Kingdom
Reggie Fernandes

My Mobile Case loves me back

I saw some mobile cases online that allowed people to put their own images on them. My obsession was not myself, it was my dog. I sent a picture to Pawstro and had so many inputs on how the look & feel should be. They were amazing enough to not just listen to all of those but also implement them in my custom pet portrait. I love answering every call now!

Reggie Fernandes Edinburgh, Scotland

This Portrait is Precious!

My friend told me about Pawstro & how I could get digitally painted pet portraits from photos. They walked me through the entire process so effectively, all I had to do was share some good pictures! It's a memorable picture & an even memorable portrait.

Nidhi Gandhi Mumbai, India
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