Customized Theme Pet Portrait



$91 only

Size: 12" x 14"

Beautiful digital pet portraits from photos. In Theme Portraits, we arrange a photo of your pet with an interesting costume to give it a fun twist.

Material: High-Quality archival canvas
Life of canvas: 40-50 years
Care instructions: Keep them away from direct sunlight. Clean with a damp cloth whenever needed.

Your pets truly change your life forever. Their love is selfless and the bond you share with them is something that cannot be expressed through words, which is why we choose the medium of paintings. This pet canvas painting will truly be the most amazing way to express love for your pets.

Choose a theme pet portrait as a gift for pet lovers

Digital Pet Portraits - A gift for your real Saviour

Are zombies rushing behind you? Stuck inside the ruthless Battle of the Earth? Be it an apocalypse or an endgame, your pet is the ultimate saviour. They will defend you without a second thought. Why not compliment their trust with a custom pet portrait? Living through the crazy rollercoaster of your fantasy world now is the time to get a pet portrait, inspired by pop culture. The biggest superpower of your pet is to spread happiness with their cute smiles and adorable eyes. Not to forget those tail wags and adorable paw hits. Our custom pet portraits bring a fun element to their superpowers. Did we forget to mention that, these portraits make a superb gift for a pet lover? These renaissance pet portraits can picture the bond your friends share with their pets in the most fun way possible. Your pets are your superheroes and with us, you can find a perfect one for your beloved pets. Every pet parent shares a connection with their pet and at Pawstro, we understand it. With our paintings we put our best effort, to bring this emotion into our pet portrait. This emotion makes our art complete in its own way!


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