Digital Pet Portrait

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Dimensions: 12" x 14"
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Crafted to make your pet feel special and detailed to perfection, our digital oil portrait paintings use traditional techniques of oil painting with the help of digital tools. Through arious brushes and effects, our artists capture the unique personality of your pets, giving it a realistic and personal touch.

  • Portrait for all kinds of pets
  • Exceptional price
  • Great detailing
  • 48 hrs. turnaround time
  • Delivered in a secured gallery wrap
  • Ready to hang
  • 100% satisfaction
  • 100% moneyback guarantee


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  1. Nidhi Gandhi

    After Casper came into my life, my life is totally changed. I share a very strong bond with Casper and that’s why this painting means a lot to me. What I liked most about Pawstro is that their process was very simple and I got my painting done easily

  2. Chander Sarvagyam

    We got our painting earlier than the expected time. This painting brings back all the memories we have with our pet. Our experience with Pawstro is wonderful.

  3. Shanti Sarvagyam

    Our beloved pet Neo left us two years back. We were very devastated after his departure. But, this painting makes us smile whenever we have a look at it. Thank you Pawstro.

  4. Harmish Parmar

    Boxer is very playful pet and he is my best friend. The quality of work by Pawstro is very impressive. I love it more because it is ready to hang and that’s how I can put it exactly where I want to.

  5. Ketan Panchal

    This is a beautiful memory from I thank Pawstro and Vipul for making this adorable piece of art. I absolutely love this and this is going to be my favourite piece of art on the wall of my home.

  6. Antim Panchal

    My friend suggested Pawstro. Now, I think this is the most thoughtful gift one can ever have or give it to someone. It is the cutest piece of art. I will definitely recommend Pawstro to pet parents.