Customized Master Pet Canvas Painting



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$119 only

Size: 12" x 14"

Beautiful digital pet portraits from photos. Master portraits come with a painting of your pet and a painted background.

Material: High-Quality archival canvas
Life of canvas: 40-50 years
Care instructions: Keep them away from direct sunlight. Clean with a damp cloth whenever needed.

Your pets truly change your life forever. Their love is selfless and the bond you share with them is something that cannot be expressed through words, which is why we choose the medium of paintings. This pet canvas painting will truly be the most amazing way to express love for your pets.

A white dog face

Choose the 'purrfect' gift for pet lovers

Wish to gift a pet canvas painting? You’re at the right place!
Traditional techniques of oil painting blended with digital tools bring out stunning masterpieces, custom-made for your specific requirements.
We at Pawstro adore animals. Their love-kissed eyes and their wagging tails fill us with delight. We also know you are in love, that is why we exist. Our custom pet portraits come with a promise, to be synonymous to your feeling of endearment. Did we mention? Not just dogs, you can have your hamster, parrot, cat, rabbit, or any pet under the sun painted with us.


| Gayatri Bhatt |

08 Dec, 2021

if you want to immortalise your best friend in a painting, you don't have to look further!

| Shruti Bedapaudi |

08 Dec, 2021

OMG!! I love it. Thank you so much.

| Deepika Sharma |

14 Nov, 2021

I literally have no words. It's so so so so so so so beautiful. Hats off to you!

| Sreepriya Purusotham |

19 Sep, 2021

Thank you pawstro, the portrait of Rio is absolutely stunning !! Keep up the excellent work.

| Nayan |

07 Sep, 2021

No longer by my side, but you’ll be always in my Heart Oreo.
Thanks to Pawstro for this beautiful portrait.

| Samaira |

09 Jun, 2021

Thank you for a beautiful portrait of Fluffy.
It’s so beautiful 😻
Thank you so much from bottom of my heart

| Palak Purswani |

06 Apr, 2021

He looks exactly like my little Oreo 🐶
Thank you Pawstro for this digital painting

Dog portraits that
you and your pooch will approve of!

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