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Size: 12" x 14"

We make artistically hand-drawn digital pet portraits from photos.
Digital Painting-
The pet portraits will be digitally sent to you in a high definition file in the choice of background that you want. You can either choose a transparent background (png file) or choose a background colour for your personalised dog portraits from a variety of options available below.

Choose the purrfect gift for pet lovers

Choose the 'purrfect' gift for pet lovers

Wish to gift dog portraits from photos? You’re at the right place!
Get the paintings printed at your convenience on a choice of product that you like– phone cases, pillow cases, T-shirts, mugs, or simply print pet portraits on canvas. Traditional techniques of oil painting blended with digital tools bring out stunning masterpieces, custom-made for your specific requirements. We at Pawstro adore animals. Their love-kissed eyes and their wagging tails fill us with delight. We also know you are in love, that is why we exist. Our dog portraits come with a promise, to be synonymous to your feeling of endearment. Did we mention? Not just dogs, you can have your hamster, parrot, cat, rabbit, or any pet under the sun painted with us.


| Avni Aggarwal |

01 Sep, 2021

Pawstro is the best platform if you want to keep a beautiful sight of your furry friend in front of your eyes 24x7.
Pawstro designed a flawlessly marvellous canvas painting of my lil furbaby ‘Kenzo’.
Thanks to Pawstro for providing me with this splendid piece of art which I can cherish even when I’ll be away from my lil one.

| Pramey Chavan |

22 May, 2021

The painting looks so real!!
Looks like Tyson is actually looking at me! Couldn't have asked for more!

| Prashant Ghosh |

21 Jan, 2021

A great place to get your loving pet's portrait. Only thing you need to do is to upload your pet's best picture and you will get oil portrait of that picture at your home.
I would like to recommend this to every pet parent.

Dog portraits that
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