Process Flow

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Order now

It is easy to order a digital pet painting on Pawstro website with a few simple steps. When you click any of the ‘order now’ button on the homepage, it takes you to a webpage where you can upload the favourite photo of your pet from any of your desktop location or mobile phone gallery.


Upload pet picture

Select a photo which showcases your pet in the best way. After uploading a photo if you notice that you have uploaded a wrong one and wish to delete it, a cross button beside the picture file will allow you to delete it. You can go back to the photo location and upload a different picture.

order now

Select a quantity

Once you select and upload the pet picture with the best resolution, we give you an option to choose the quantity of the pet portrait. You can select the quantity and proceed by clicking the ‘order now’ button.

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Place order

When you click on order now, a webpage will open where you need to fill the billing details. Filling billing details will help us to send the order on your intended location. If you want to provide any note along with the portrait you can also write a message. The total amount of your order will be displayed on your right-hand side. Below the total amount, you will find secure payment options. You can finally ‘Place Order’ after selecting your desired payment option and your digital pet portrait will be on its way in 24-hour turnaround time.

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