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Pet portraits from photos that speak of your stories

Pawstro's initial steps have their own unique story. We know, you too share beautiful stories with your fur baby!
That's why, every stroke of our digital paintings has a touch of our love for all pets around the world.

Our art speaks of several stories

We love painting your pets

In every piece of art that we create, precision, perfection wrapped with love remain the highlights. This is becase we see our ‘Gilu’ in every pet painting that we articulate. We know the worth of your memories, which is why we make paintings that can immortalize your affection forever. Be it a dog painting or a painting of any pet, we love them all alike! We give you art that you and your furry bub’s love deserve!

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Gilu's dog portrait painting led
our first paw step

When an avid animal lover and an art enthusiast come together, wonders happen! ‘Pawstro’ is the pet child of Kapil & Vipul. This pet child’s pet pop is Oilpixel, a digital portrait company established in 2012. When Kapil got his first poochie pie ‘Gilu’, Vipul made Gilu’s digital dog portrait and gifted it to Kapil. Totally stunned with it, both of them decided to spread digital pet art to other proud pet parents and named it Pawstro.

Painting love in
all shapes & sizes

Love comes to us in different forms. It could walk into your life with little paws or jump on your lap with that furry tail that can tickle your nose. It could be the twinkling eyes that have the power of capturing your heart or it could be a dog painting that draws its essence from the magnificent strokes of art. The amount of affection you share with your pet is too much to describe in words, which is exactly why, we chose the medium of paintings.

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Personalised Gifts for Dog Lovers
Personalised Gifts for Dog Lovers
Personalised Gifts for Dog Lovers
Personalised Gifts for Dog Lovers
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