Why should you walk your dog every day?

By Pawstro | 21 Dec, 2021 in Dog Lover

Why should you walk your dog every day?

After getting a dog home, there are tons of responsibilities that come along. You have to be very careful about their daily routine. Be it their eating habits, sleeping routine, grooming session or their physical training. When it comes to physical activity, you can simply start by walking them around and then gradually increasing the intensity. Walking your dog around is much more than their ‘pee’ or ‘poop’ breaks. It not only helps in growing your bond with each other but also helps them to get a better mental stimulation, socialisation moments (both with human and other dogs), behaviour training etc.

Here is a on why you should walk your dog regularly and the benefits that it brings:

  1. Helps dogs to familiarize themselves with social happenings

    If you take your dog for a walk frequently on a particular set-time, then it is going to help meet other dogs frequently and also get friendly with them. This will be a great way of social interactions for them. This will help in building their confidence and they will greet unknown faces in a much better way.After a few weeks, if you still find them being very awkward socially, then you should take them to a training class to remove their social anxiety. This is because if they are well-controlled emotionally, then it will be a win-win for both.

  2. Provides mental stimulation

    Walking is the most favourite part of a dog’s schedule. It helps in enriching their lives by reducing boredom and allowing them to do something meaningful. Along with walking, you can include brain games too for making them alert and active. This will help keep boredom far away from their lives and eliminate their behavioural issues quickly. They will also explore new smells, sights, places, sounds etc. This will make them more excited. So, try to vary their walk place for better mental stimulation.

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  3. Helps in better overall training

    To walk your dog can be considered a great training opportunity for them. They are not simply born with the trait of knowing how to walk with a leash tied, this will help them to take a good lead and learn to be a disciplined doggo. During this process, you can also make them familiar with the words like sit, stand, run, stop etc.They tend to observe, learn and grow better if trained outdoors for long.

  4. Helps in improving their sleep

    Exercise is tiring. You might have often seen your dogs pass out on the floor after they are back from a walk or run. This is a good sign. The amount and quality of sleep that they will get after doing moderate exercises every day will help in their overall development. Even when it comes to dogs, lack of sleep can cause a lot of problems. It can negatively affect their mental health, increase their obesity levels, raise the risk of diabetes and also increase blood pressure.So, to keep your dogs healthy, walk your dog for at least 30 mins so that they can enjoy a sound sleep.

  5. Stiff body muscles

    If your dogs do not exercise or walk even for a bit, then they will end up getting stiff joints. Their body muscles won’t stay as flexible as before. This goes for us as well. People and pets get stiff when they stay still for a long time, and keeping them active will keep their joints in motion. This will improve their function.

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    If you go for a walk or run daily with your dog, even your physical stiffness will go away gradually.

Apart from these, here are a few FAQs that will further help you get better clarity on why and how you should walk your dog daily:

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you walk your dog?
As per studies, it is highly beneficial for your dogs to get at a total of 30 min walk daily. For eg: You can take them for a 15 minute walk in the morning and 15 minute walk in the evening, This will help them stay both physically and mentally fit.

How far should I walk my dog every day?
It depends on the dog breeds. Smaller breeds need less walk time as compared to huge ones. Most breeds require a walk for about 3-5 miles. You should check the stamina of the dog and decide on the miles accordingly. You can take the help of your vet.

Do dogs need 2 walks a day?
Yes, It is advised to take them for a minimum of 2 walks a day. Try taking them for a 15-15 minute walk.

Is it ok to not walk your dog for a day?
You should try your best to take your doggo out for a walk daily. However, it is ok if it is missed for a day. They will experience peace and might end up relaxing more than usual. But once in a while, it is ok, avoid doing it often.

How much playtime does a dog need?
It’s a common rule of thumb that your dog should be involved in intense physical activity for at least 30 mins- 2 hours a day. You can also consult your vet in case you still find your pet aggressive and hyperactive.

When can I take my puppy for a walk?
It is recommended to take your puppy for a walk only after their second vaccination is done. Take them out after 14-16 weeks of their birth. If you take them out before that, they might end up catching nasty viruses.

If you keep a due note of your pet’s habits and are well aware of how his/her body works, then it will help them to stay more protected and disease-free. Just like babies, dogs also need a lot of care and love and if proper care is not taken, there will be bitter consequences. So, do not neglect even a single negative sign of your doggo.

Be alert, keep them active and frequently take them to vets. We hope that you find the above article helpful. Do let us know where you prefer to take your pooch out for a walk.

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