Top 5 Ways to Take Funny Pet Photos

By Pawstro | 15 Jun, 2022 in Pet Photoshoot Ideas

Top 5 Ways to Take Funny Pet Photos

Laughter is the best medicine

We have all heard this proverb somewhere and believe it to be true, like scientifically true! Interestingly, funny pet & baby photos/ videos are the most adorable ones hands down. All of us relate to them instantly and they naturally trigger some good neurotransmitters somewhere in the brain.

It’s hard to resist the urge of laughing from one, and even more difficult to get one clicked at that exact moment.

Worry not, to save you the trouble of going through dozens of ideas on how to click funny pet photos, here’s a list of our Top 5 Recommendations:

1. Baby Photos

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Well, babies and pets are adorably funny, combine the two and you have an awesome cocktail of laughter with you. Just bring a baby near a pet, place it down if possible too, carefully though and watch the reaction. Be sure to capture the moment your pet encounters the small human friend and get that digitally painted on a canvas. It’s going to be amazing.

2. Fancy Dress

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I mean, who doesn’t like a Fancy Dress, we all have our heroes and celebrities who we want to portray in a fancy dress competition. Then, why should your pet be left out of this fun activity? Dress your bestie in a fancy dress and capture the moment. You can try all sorts of clothing combinations, just no scary ones though!
After that, make sure to get a custom pet portrait made. You can also hang it in your living room, and let your friends enjoy some funny moments when they visit you.

3. Bath Time Photos

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Your cute little friend either loves taking a bath or it just simply hates it. No matter the scenario, to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, they need to have it taken. No exceptions! Now the trick here is capturing the moment when they are enjoying that awesome bath. It’s going to be difficult mind you, but with clever eyes, you could get a click for a lifetime to cherish. Now, if you really want a next-level click, then try to capture their ‘shake-it-off’ moment, drops of water flying in all directions as your little friend tries to dry itself down, trust us if you succeed in taking that click, you won’t be disappointed.

4. With Other Pets

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Pets love company, just like us. Let them mingle with their fellow mates and watch them have the time of their lives. They will run & roam around freely, chase each other and do some really weird stuff. That’s just their play style or showcasing affection in a different manner. Keep a camera ready to capture those amazing moments and get a custom pet portrait made. Interestingly, to get some unique clicks, you can try different pet combinations. Like, if you have a dog, introduce it to a cat, a hamster or something else. They would mostly be scared initially, and after that, they would play like they were some old besties.

5. Before & After

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Time passes by like anything. Our features, looks and body change too. Pets are no different. The sweet, adorable little friend might turn into a loyal, big, guarding pet in no time. What’s worth remembering though is the journey of the transformation that took place. What better way to revisit it than getting before and after pics digitally painted side by side in one frame. You might not be able to recognize that your sweet friend was that small at some point in time, it would be truly nostalgic.

The Double Advantage:
Talking about benefits, funny pet photos come with not just one but two benefits, that are surely going to amaze you. First, they are going to tickle your bones by making you laugh hysterically. Secondly, they are going to provide some social media attention, that too for free!

In today’s towns of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Whatsapp, these are going to be a surefire hit, and will most probably increase your popularity and followers too. Don’t forget to thank us when that happens, and maybe you could send us some gifts, not that we are asking, but just in case.

Go Click a Funny Pet Photo:
What more can you ask for in these demanding times? When everyone is busy and working like machines, vacations with besties, and spending some time enjoying the probably weird but funny moments with our cutie ones, indeed, comes as a huge relief!

Just make sure to get pet paintings from photos made as soon as you have a click, that’s worth remembering. We at Pawstro have some really good artists that can create magical portraits to help you cherish those sweet memories.
So there you have it, our top 5 ways to click funny pet photos that are sure to make you go LMAO.

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