There’s no unconditional love other than pet love

21st Aug, 2019 | By Pawstro

Memories are time machines that only work backwards. We took this thought a bit seriously, not to create ordinary memories but special ones at Pawstro. We set in motion, Pawstro, the only digital pet portraits company in India which paints pet memories, prints on canvas and delivers with great happiness to relive it forever.

Paw+Stroke, Pawstro is born to make pet parents around the world happy and proud. To do that, we have created this eCommerce website where pet parents can order a painting easily with minimum steps. We have our ways of making you firm on ordering a pet portrait. For instance, a 360° view of a pet portrait ordered by one of our clients. You can view every detail back and forth on how the painting will look like when it comes in your hand. You can also admire the painting of other pets on our website. There’s no thinking beyond just ordering it because the painting is just more than ready. You just have to find your favourite place to showcase it.

We understand how a pet brings out the best version of its pet parent. To love, bestow kindness, care and be forgiving are the best gifts of the relationship a person achieves from his or her pet friend. Pets teach humans selflessness. Pets make humans better humans. When a person considers his or her pet as a part of their family and loves it like their child, it is the purest form of love on the earth. To honour this love, Pawstro creates digital pet portraits that take place in your home as a part of you. Our skilled artists bring out the best emotions, features and pet’s unique character in the pet painting with their neat strokes and make it as handsome as your pet. It is hard to explain the love between you and your pet, so we let you express it with pet portraits and it continues to grow while inspiring your generations.

Pawstro is committed to surprising you and is firm that it will never compromise on the quality it delivers. With thorough transparency, we commit 100% refund of money if the pet parent is not happy with the result. Don’t forget to watch our unboxing video placed on our homepage that showcases Pawstro’s precision and creativity of presenting the pet memory to you in the form of painting. One affordable price, one cute size, your infinite pet love and no confusions are just enough to make you order your digital pet portrait now!

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