How to Take a Perfect Picture of your Dog?

30th Jan, 2020 | By Pawstro

Dogs are our furry family members that are loved and cared for in our households. So, every pet parent is excited to take exquisite pictures of their dogs to preserve their memories as well as proudly post them on social media to share them with extended family and friends. Although it is best to keep your phone or camera handy daily and click candid moments, you can also arrange a photoshoot session to click the best photos of your dog to frame as pet portrait and hang in your house. Unlike humans, dogs can be unpredictable, challenging and difficult especially while capturing photographs. Hence, we have prepared a list of tips to follow to take perfect pictures of your dog.

Let your dog get comfortable with your camera

If you are clicking photos of your dog with a mobile phone, it may not be challenging since your dog may already be used to you using your mobile phone around him. However, a camera is a new thing that may create amusement or curiosity in your dog making him behave differently. In that case, you can start clicking pictures of random things around you and then once your dog is acquainted with the camera, you can start capturing your dog in action.

Click from the eye level of your dog

Whether you are clicking humans or dogs, in order to bring out the emotions, it is best to click photos from the eye level. So, clicking photos from your dog’s eye level will bring out his personality and emotions. It will not only fill the photo but also provide a sense of connection and intimacy, which will make it look real and bring life to it. When it is challenging to capture while your dog is playing or running, you can leverage its quiet moments such as watching television, sleeping, lying down, sitting and playing silently with your other pets, etc.

Give some treats or toys

Dogs have a very little attention span which makes it difficult to keep them engrossed or active in the photoshoot. In order to bring out the best expressions in your dogs and get perfect pictures, you can get some treats and toys for your dogs and keep giving them time to time to keep them playing and enjoying the process. Also, giving treats will associate the photo session with positivity making it more exciting and enjoyable for the dogs so that you can also take expressive pictures of them. Giving them toys will give you good action shots including playing, jumping and running.

Keep the flash off

Since your dog cannot get familiar with the concept of photoshoot, it is not a wise idea to keep the flash on because it can scare your dog. Also, sudden flashes at random moments will make your playful dog startle. And clicking photos in natural daylight works better. So, keep the flash off and let the real portrait and personality of your dog come out in the photos.

Your dog doesn’t know how to pose. So, keep him active by giving treats, toys or bring your family members to play with him to get the best shots. You can keep clicking many shots to get that perfect one photo.





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