How pet parents should take care of their pets in COVID19 lockdown

22nd May, 2020 | By Pawstro

Across the world, due to Covid19 lockdown, human beings are dealing with restricted movements, and our pets too are forced to follow suit. While we keep ourselves engaged in physical exercise, our pets too need to remain fit and kicking.

This brings us to the question – how should pet parents take care of their pets during Covid19 lockdown? Here are a few simple but effective tips:

Remain physically active

Remaining physically active during the lockdown is critical for you as well as your pet friends. Play ball, cat-and mouse chase, obstacle race, clearing hurdles, running around the garden (if you have one) or inside your home, taking care not to break anything.

Mental activities

Remember, your pets are never too old to learn a new trick or two. If your pet is already trained, even then, you can teach him to fetch you an object, pick up stuff from the ground, bring you your blanket, and so on.

Manage the food intake

Since there is less movement, there should be a proportionate reduction in your calorie intake. If you can’t go entirely fat-free, at least avoid fried food. Too much protein is also bad for your pet. It will make your pet hyper active, unnecessarily temperament and hugely fussy. In food choices, strike the right balance.

Plan your day right

Due to the lockdown, most people are working from home.  For your pet, this is a treat. They see you at home constantly and are in a playful mood throughout the day. Hence, plan your day well to match your responsibilities – pet time, me-time, office-time, family-time etc. Eventually, your pets too will learn these time boundaries.

Stock up on the supplies

It is a good idea to revisit the supplies for yourself and for your pets during this lockdown period. As and when the authorities permit, make sure that you refill all your supplies, especially for medicines. But make sure that you don’t hoard stuff. Remember, Codiv19 is not the end of the world and sooner or later the lockdown will be lifted. You dont want to be left with excess supplies or expired material on that day.

Groom you pet

Due to the lockdown, even pet grooming services have downed their shutters. This means that your pet may have to go without their cleaning and grooming sessions for days. Use this opportunity to groom them yourself. This will also strengthen your bond with them. Also, if you happy to click that intimate moment mail it to and they will be happy to convert the snap into full-size oil painting for your bedroom. The paintings will always remind you of the good times once things move back to normal.

Brush-up your knowledge

Use the lockdown to brush up your knowledge about managing emergencies. This knowledge must also include caring for your pet. This may also be the right time to browse through the material in your first-aid box and check the stock and expiry status.

There is very little information and evidence available to conclusively prove that pet are/ are not vulnerable to Covid19. While human to human transfer is proved, human to pet and pet to pet transfer is yet to be ascertained. However, that does not mean that you expose you pet to the deadly virus. Instead, protect you pets exactly the same way that you would take care of yourself. This will not only strengthen your bond with them, but you will cherish these good time spent with your pets for a long time to come.

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