Creative ideas that can turn your wall into a pet art gallery

27th Jan, 2020 | By Pawstro

If you are an animal lover, you’ll probably have tons of cute, silly, and awesome pet paintings from photos you have taken of your pet. Here are some great ideas to put your creativity to work and create your own pet art gallery or wall.


Capture a silhouette of your pet on paper – use your own camera or get one clicked by a professional. Then put your pet’s name below it and hang it on your pet wall. Buy one, if you can’t get one still image of your own pet, and make it the focal point of your collection surrounding it with other photos of your pet. Dog silhouettes work best if you are going commercial, as do most canine-lovers and equestrians (horse-lovers). You can even try cutting out as silhouette from a piece of bark and hanging it on a brick wall for an awesome impact!

Pretty Paws

Get your pretty pet to walk through a range of colours and then over a blank sheet of paper. Frame the sheet as is – or you can get creative with decorative outlines. Your favourite dog portraits interspersed with a collage of colourful paw prints makes a great cluster for your pet wall. This idea works well with cats and pets too!

Family and Friends

If your pet has littered recently and you have a whole family, be sure to take both group and individual selfies for your pet wall gallery. Space permitting; make a ladder, placing each selfie in a differently shaped frame. Put photographs of your kids on a parallel ladder and make it a “footsteps of life” decor. If unfortunately, you do not have a litter just invite your pet’s friends over for a photo shoot with some fun thrown in for good measure.

Centre of Attraction

Get one of your favourite dog portraits done as a sketch – or photo finish it in black and white. Make it the focal point of the room with a spotlight above it or surround it with other pictures of your pet. Zoom into the main portrait beginning with larger frames on the outside and smaller ones towards the centre.


Get a life size picture of your pet – or have one painted – and hang it on your pet wall with a slogan that best describes your pet. Put it above a low mantel and place wax replicas of your pet’s favourite toy and food on the shelf. Then hang a rustic shade above giving the whole setup a retro look.

Accessory Collage

This tried and tested décor works every time. Just hang up pictures of you pets and intersperse it with old refurbished leashes, collars, and other pet accessories. Frame the pictures and hang the accessories as they are. This can become your “travelogue” of your pet’s life with you.
There is no dearth of ideas to show off your love for animals and pets. Let your imagination go wild. Need help – give us a shout or visit our website for more inspiration.

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