Best personalized birthday gift for a dog lover

21st Aug, 2019 | By Pawstro

A dog is a man’s best friend. When a dog is adopted by someone, the person is not the owner of the dog but he or she is a dog parent. A dog completes its parents’ life with affection, compassion and devotion. Only a dog parent knows that the emotional connection they build with their dog is not for a few years but a lifetime. The best way to make a dog parent and their dog feel amazing about their soulful relationship is gifting them something thoughtful. Especially when the holiday season has begun, it’s a right time to give them something remarkable which reflects the companionable bond they share. Some of the well-thought gifts for pet lovers are:

  1. Print Pawsitive
    Getting your dog printed helps you keep it close to you. Customized photo mug, phone case or printed pillow is a very good personalized gift for the dog lovers. They can carry it wherever they go or travel and have a sip of friendship or experience cosiness in the dog’s company in the printed form. You can have a dog photo or a dog and its dog parent’s photo printed on it.
  2. Comfort Zone
    People desire to give their pet extreme comfort. A pet bed is a great gift to give to your cushion-hearted pet lover friend so their pet can rest on it with an assurance of comfort. Pet lovers also care about the well-being of their pets. So, a heated bed is also an option as a gift on which a pet can find warmth during cold days.
  3. Hang on, love holds
    Key chains with dog photos or shadow photos are also in trend. The key chain is something which a pet parent keeps close to them. Also, a key chain holder or a leash holder with engraved dog paw prints or a dog silhouette is something incredible as a gift.
  4. Toyabin
    Keeping everything organized is one of the missions that have to be accomplished every day by a dog parent. A dog toy bin which is customized with the identity of dog-related print is available at dog stores. It helps in organizing all dog toys in one place. A dog lover would definitely love it.
  5. Own-it meals
    Let your friend’s pet eat its food from the stylishly customized food bowl which holds the dog name on it. Nowadays pet bowls can also be printed if you wish to print the pet dog’s photo or a photo which has both dog parent and dog in it.
  6. Every day, Friendship day
    A dog is a best friend its parent has. Their friendship is weaved with unconditional love. Why not then give them matching friendship collar and bracelet? It’s a symbol of their true camaraderie and also looks stylish on both of them. This pair is also available as a matching leash and bracelet.
  7. Health check
    Pet massager is helpful for pet’s health in many ways. A pet massager can help in stimulating the blood flow in a dog. It relaxes the pet and helps in providing them relief from arthritic pain, muscles stiffening, and promotes healthy digestion. Isn’t it a wonderful gift for your pet lover friend?
  8. Interactive marvel
    It’s hard to leave a pet alone at home. Only a pet parent knows the compulsion of leaving a pet behind whenever they have to go to the office or for an outing. But, you can give a relief to your dog parent friend by gifting a pet chat camera. A dog parent can chat with its pet and interact with them wherever they are so the pet will never feel alone.
  9. Paint a memory with a dog portrait
    A dog becomes a member of the family when it lives with the dog’s parent. Dog parents treat them like their child. They would love to have a dog portrait as a beautiful memory of their wonderful relationship. A dog oil painting can bring out the best of dog’s expression and become a lasting piece of a flashback call to the mind about the special times a dog parent and their dog has spent together. A dog oil painting is an awe-inspiring gift to give.
  10. Read between them
    Dog Bookends are in the trend if the dog parent is also a reader. Dog bookends come in a set, look elegantly appealing as a showpiece and hold the books firmly between them. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and material. They also come in antique style if the gift receiver is an antique lover.

When a person pets a dog, it shows that their heart is open to love unconditionally. Only a dog parent knows how a dog has changed their world and made them complete. When dogs show its happiness with the wagging tail, its love by licking, its emotions by rolling, running or barking, accompanies you everywhere you go, console you by snuggling beside you, every time it proves it is part of the family. These gifting ideas will honour the special bond your dog lover friend shares with its dog. Go for it!

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