10 Items Every Dog Owner Needs

By Pawstro | 27 Jun, 2022 in Dog Lover

10 Items Every Dog Owner Needs

While all dog parents are super humans, there are a few things every dog owner needs. These essentials help you make the most out of your time with your dog. These items will give you and your dog much-needed comfort.

Caring for a dog goes beyond walks, treats, and playtime. Understanding a dog’s needs can be tedious. Training a dog, and providing them with the right care while managing a hectic life is another task.

Below items will help a dog owner make a cut above.

Digital Portraits

Digital Dog Portraits perfectly capture your happy pets. These portraits are lasting and help remind you of your furry babies. Dog portraits are not just decor items, they are a sweet reminder of the bond you share with your dog. Every time you pass by the portrait, it will surely put a smile on your face.

You can get digital portraits of your dogs made very easily. These cute pictures give you all the motivation you need to get through any situation.

Body harnesses and collars

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The first thing a dog owner needs to get is a body harness or a collar for the dog. It is impossible to take your dog for a walk without a collar. For some breeds, collars work while for others, body harnesses are more appropriate. Dogs need to be taken on walks twice a day to keep them healthy.

These come in handy whenever you are out of the house with your dog. It could be traveling to new places, daily walks or more. Even for trained dogs, having a collar helps identify them as pets. This helps you in case they get lost. It becomes easier for you to control dogs when they interact with other pets or animals on the road if they have a collar. Make sure your dog is comfortably breathing and likes the collar or harness.

Flea and Tick collars
When we talk about collars, a tick collar is extremely important. A tick or a flea collar protects the dog from ticks that it may come in contact with. Dogs can come in contact with these fleas in gardens or during their daily walks. These ticks are dangerous for the dog.

A tick collar releases medication slowly over time, protecting the dog for a long. Not reapplying the medication only makes it easier for you. Invest in a collar that effectively protects your dog for a long period of time.

Healthy Treats

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Healthy treats must top the list of things every dog owner needs. A dog’s day can revolve around one thing, except you of course. Yes! Treats. When you are training your dog, rewarding it for good behaviour or spoiling them with all your love, treats come in handy.

Choosing healthy and tasty treats for your pet is very important. Many breeds have a tendency to put on weight very easily and treats can be the culprit. Go for low-calorie treats with some nutritional value that benefits your dog.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Dogs love their toys. And your dog will definitely love the toy that gives it treats. Dogs tend to develop anxiety if they are left without stimulating their senses for a long time. A treat-dispensing toy like a treat mat or toys designed to make dogs work for their treats promotes slow eating. Slow eating is very helpful for dogs in the long run.

Another benefit of treat-dispensing toys is that they will keep your dog engaged. Dogs tend to stay calmer and more active when engaged in an activity. Many dogs also have difficulty staying alone even if it is for a few hours. These toys can be very helpful in such situations.

Dog brush
Is it the shedding season yet? As a dog parent, you have an indefinite duty of brushing your dog’s hair. This is a task your pooch really enjoys but it does end up taking a toll on you. Invest in a brush that is easy to use, comfortable for your dog and long-lasting.

Depending on the length of your dog’s hair, decide on a brush that works best for you. The right brush will help your dog with his coat and you with the clean up after.

Lint roller
This item is the most useful of all things every dog owner needs. A lint roller will help when the puppy eyes don’t do the trick and you realise your dog has shed all over the couch. All dogs shed, some breeds more than others. A lint roller helps get rid of dog hair from your clothes, tapestry and other items.

It is a quick fix for the dog hair crisis. A lint roller will allow you to wear black around your dog. You simply roll it over surfaces and it will collect all the dog hair and other particles.

Dog Water Bottles
Yes, you read it right. Dog water bottles are like regular bottles except they have a design that enables dogs to drink from the opening. Keeping your dog hydrated is very important. When you are out of the house it becomes difficult to carry bowls around.

A dog water bottle is perfect for walks, treks and trips. The dog water bottle is easy to carry and will ensure your dog is happy and hydrated.

Dental Chew Sticks

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One of the primary concerns for every dog parent is their dog’s dental health. As dogs grow, it becomes difficult to brush their teeth regularly. And over time, they can develop dental issues which can severely affect their health. There is a risk of broken teeth, gum problems and organ failure.

Every dog irrespective of its age needs dental chew sticks. This is a non-negotiable item from the list of things every dog owner needs.

Puppies chew when they are teething. Chewing provides a sense of comfort and relieves anxiety in dogs. No wonder you find them chewing just about anything from furniture to T.V remotes. A dental chew stick helps clean the teeth, is tasty and most importantly doesn’t harm the dog’s teeth.

Playpens or Crates
Many decide against the use of crates and it is perfectly fine. Crates and playpens help contain the dogs. They also help train the dogs and avoid any accidents while they are growing.

A crate acts as a personal space for the dogs where they can sleep and relax. Having a designated space for the dog to relax makes it easy for you

From digital dog portraits that give you a boost of dopamine to dental chew sticks and tick collars that reduce visits to the vet, this list is all-inclusive. As a dog owner, there are many things you have to be careful about which can leave anyone frustrated. The items on this list will help save time and effort so you get more time for cuddles, playdates and walks with your favourites. We believe, that being a dog owner should never be a straining job.

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