The world is a
better place

It’s been a long day. You’re done fulfilling needs of everyone around you. Your body and mind demand a place to rest. All-day, you’ve longed for the soothing comfort. As you reach home and open the door… there she is! Your pet child waiting for you, wagging her tail, giving you all the attention and barking affectionately at you, waiting to tell you so much about her day. She wants you. No expectations. No conditions. Only you. Just a smile and ‘hey buddy’ fills her world with the love she wants. She follows you wherever you go. Listens to your stories and doesn’t judge you. This is the companionship you’ve been looking for. Where there are no conditions, only divine love. With her, the world seems a better place.

The world is a better place
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Our pawsome boy, Gilu.

Kapil, a dog lover. Vipul, a passionate artist. Their energy already clicked a venture in digital portraits in 2012, impressively named as ‘Oilpixel’. Time flew, surprising people all around the world with the amazing portraits painted by Vipul and his team. Parallelly, Kapil went on increasing Oilpixel’s reach with his branding tactics. Everything was great. Soon, Kapil got his first furr Baby friend and named him ‘Gilu’. One day, Vipul stunned Kapil with Gilu’s digital painting. Kapil was so overwhelmed and impressed with the gift that he decided to pass this beautiful memory to other pet parents. And, Pawstro was born.

We do pet portraits for the proud parents

Pawstro is a pet portrait company which digitally paints pet memories for proud pet parents. We capture as many particulars as we can when we paint and bring out the expressions and unique personality of your pet with every stroke. The detailing on the portrait creates a lasting impression on the viewer for the coming ages. At Pawstro, we believe that pet portrait painting is the way to celebrate the special bond you and your pet share; so it can take a place in your home as a treasured memory of your furry family member.

How we do what you love?

After you send us a photo of your furry love, we start painting. It is best to send a photo with good resolution to bring out great detailing in your pet portrait painting. As we finish painting the overloaded adorableness of your cute little friend, we print it on high-quality canvas. We then stretch it on a frame and tuck it precisely on the backside. After wrapping the canvas properly and placing it in a special pet-themed box, we send it to you with immense care and love. From the day it reaches you, the portrait stays beautiful and firm for generations as the symbol of your love. You can also give this gift to your pet lover friend; it is the most thoughtful memory one can ever have.

We provide a painting as firm as your feelings and do not compromise on the quality we deliver. That’s why we give 100% assurance of the refund if you don’t like it.


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